Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Liberal and the Tramp 

The foggy air here looks like a grey wool blanket 
left in a refrigerator all night.
Through that air the darker grey profile of a tramp 

holding a blanket like it was air. 

Car to the red light, tramp to the car, window hums down. 

“Spare change?”
“No, but going forward, I suggest Southern California Homeless Resource and Outreach Consortium Macrame & Bead Store.com ... I wouldn’t feel comfortable simply handing you cash.” 

Pregnant pause between the tramp and the car window. 

“Well, going backwards, to my sleeping bag and my low hanging tree limb - because I haven’t got a computer - goodbye!” 

Car through the green light, tramp to the bag, appropriate wins again. 

Somebody knobs on the car radio show to: 
“Winter Wines and Summer Sauces, 101.” 
And somebody else lays out his ripped-off 12 Rolos 

like chess pieces, 
to cover the next 12 hours, until dark. 

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