Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas, they said

Dec 24. 
Half hour to closing time. 
The setting sun crosses the produce section. 

My shopping cart full of turkeys and potatoes
Christmas-colored light bulbs, pies and tomatoes
okra, calamari, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos,
I celebrate; I am finished shopping. 

I kick the front of the cart, it spins 
in a perfect circle; I twirl likewise, 
bow to the fruit and vegetable stands, 
and snap my fingers over my head.

“Wow, what flair!” says someone behind me, with a little boy. 

“I used to be a bullfighter.” I say. The boy’s eyes pop. 

“I see!” says the woman. She holds a bottle of wine, 
bananas, bread, cold cuts, one Twinkie, and 
a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD 
in a basket in her hand. 
She says, “  well, bye ... ”  and starts off, 
bus schedules in her other hand.  

I spin again, and say, “Wanna come over? To our house?”

The boy’s eyes pop again!

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