Saturday, March 14, 2015

The after party 

Worried in the world below
looking for something good from somewhere 
I look up and, up there, the sky - 

- is beautiful and cold and white 
a translucent white sky lighted brightly
like a marble top bar in a  posh cafe 
lighted bright white, and then, 

there’s a great glassy clink way up there 

and a quick swooping shadow, there
and then gone; not weather, not rain,
not snow, though it's all white as snow 
up there, 

then the hovering shadow above the white again, 
and the clink. 

(Anyway, whatever all this is, I’m not worrying anymore!)

It is so intensely brightly lit-up white
up there, I look down, for a break.
The wind, cold too, picks up and blows me
and now this is all out of the blue funny, 
and when I look up again,

the sky reminds me of a white marble top bar
in Wiesbaden, Germany; 
I was blizzarded and trapped in a cafe, the airport 
and all its jets blizzarded and trapping the town, 
and when the sun went down the marble top bar
lit up, from underneath. 

Brilliant, elegant, bright white. 
Like the sky over me, now. 

That night, with the bartop glowing
and me clinking down my 
who knows how manyth? drink, 
I brought out the money to pay and leave
and the bartender said, Relax!
There’s nowhere to go, look out there 
at all that white stuff! Then she said, 
Everyone, drinks on the house!

So, now. Who is up there, above? 
God, the bartender, or something else
relaxing with a slow glass of wine, 
this afternoon? 
Nowhere to go. 

Well, I will too, then. Down here
I'll switch over to coffee in a white cup.

But, either way; coffee, wine
up there, down here 
there's nowhere to go
and everywhere.
Relax, said
God the Bartender.


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