Wednesday, August 5, 2015


There I was - in the noisy pop
cultural summer afternoon they 
all want to fit us into - longing 
for the quiet of private personal central 
air conditioning, air like it’s from up high,
from the mountain top, with me kneeling 
and breathing it in before the vents, snow
and peacefulness and stars and moons and 
blue sky you can see in forever blowing out
then - someone's family and friends and some
bartender in a Hawaiian shirt was there … 

Care for a drink, boss?
No, thank you. Perrier please. 
Oh, c'mon chief. 
I can’t. 
Why not, dude?
I’m an anonymous alcoholic. Well, I was a second ago. 
Aw let loose buddy, please, join us! 
Ok, I’ll take a shot of vodka, with an ambulance chaser.

… No one laughed. 
But it was funny! And it is.

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