Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Eternity Ward

Are you having a senior moment?

Someone just accused me of that.

How many deadening cliches and
imagination-limiting catch-phrases,
how much social mediaocre 
and news broadcasts, national anthems,
and polite church services 
do I have to live through?

After all, when I was born
I popped out 
and the first thing I did
was lose my car keys. 

So what?
I remember clearly
my Third Trimester (plus 5 minutes) 
Momenteverybody was laughing! 

And the doctor (she admired me, I could tell; 
I admired her for being a woman doctor, 
there hadn't been much of that in the last 
life; in fact, I recognized her from before) 
said: This baby wants to drive! 

And while I didn't accuse her 
of being in a senior moment—
I knew she was in an Unlimited Moment—
you won't believe what she said next: 

Get this baby down the elevator to the Eternity Ward! 

I couldn't believe it, either. But I found my keys. 

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