Monday, October 16, 2017

Mona Lisa on the loose

The Mona Lisa Smile is mysterious, 
he said? No. It's not true. 
Only a curator would say that,
at the head of the family dinner table
no one else moving. 

Mona wasn’t being ethereal 
or even “Earth Mother-esque” 
(I heard that one in a midwestern “school”). 

The Mona Lisa smile was for a guy 
like Harvey Weinstein. 
And all those other nice guys
in disguise. 

That’s a damn confident smile, 
that Mona Lisa smile. 

As in, 

"Hey, you slimy sexist rapist
bar mat of a man, Hey 
Jerkoff—and it turns out that
I mean that literally—you may be 
a big hot shot Hollywood producer 
but who’s in the Louvre?"

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