Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Face your fears? Not me! 

You’re supposed to. Face all your fears.
Nobody questions it. 

Like this poem, for example;
I’m supposed to read it out loud 
in a month. Well, listen here ...

You can go skydiving, bungee jumping,  
go to endless seminars, webinars, conventions,
self-esteem affirmation confirmation macrame
circles (whew! out of breath), and read all the books.
I've done it, you've done it. (So, maybe I'm wrong.) 

Or, you can sit still. Can you hear it?

Many rooms in your own mansion,
so big in there, so many rooms less musty
than the library. All those rooms, your best friend
in every one of them. 

One of these ways of living,
if it had a smell,
smells like the inside of a K Mart 
underneath overhead 
lighting, dead moth-buzzing. 

The other way smells like 
the outside of a pine forest 
under a blue sky, polar bears still

I’m not going to worry anymore. 
I may die with some of my fears intact. 

Anyway, sometimes it’s not fear. 
It’s a choice. And Captain, my Captain
that feels good.  

Anyway, Van Gogh
(Look at all those swirling colors!)
needed external affirmation like he
needed an ear in the head. 

You hear me? 

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