Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Luggage carousel at the airport 
after midnight
going round and round  

Some people have kids and grandkids
and friends of the kids and then their kids
so when these some people are about to die, 
all these kids show up with jokes and food and fun 
and Depends and plans for what’s next, after death, 
sort of: See you soon! Get a good table! 

And then there’ll be us others, kidless old people
like the last luggage on the airport carousel, 
going round and round
in the empty airport
after midnight. 

But, it’s ok. 

There’ll be a new flight in the morning
every seat filled, but spread out,
ALL class
seats soft as clouds almost as pretty
as the white ones out the windows,
like the ones we slept on 
(in our imaginations) as babies,
though these are real
piled up and up and up endlessly
into the blue sky above the blue sky. 

And maybe is good enough. 

It’s a friendly flight,
endless champagne
shiny, soft, squirting fruit
no seatbelts
laughing kids loose in the aisles
acrobatic, loose in laughter
or sleeping, unalarmed. 

Us older ones watching them and loosening too,
learning from them and going in reverse,
back to before we got hijacked. 

No seatbelts. 
And a long movie! 

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