Friday, February 14, 2014

Everybody out of the Pool 

I woke up today in a panic about the end.

First, there was my lonesome childhood, nobody around 
no parents zero blank. 
And now here I wake up with no kids 

not gonna be any, 
no father for me or for me to be 
Am I gonna die nobody around no children?

Is it gonna be a semi-private room in the middle 

of the afternoon with the sound of a vacuum cleaner 
in the hall and a sitcom laugh track in the room, 
then deadeven out of toilet paper? 

I might not go like this, I have friends, I confess
but still no kids now, no parents before. 

Did anything really happen between 

not being a son and not being a father? 
I think so
but how do you deal with this feeling?

You just do, son.

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