Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shouts Drowning Murmurs 

Two bums perch on the lobster 
red-rusted supports under 
the Williamsburg Bridge admiring, 
really romantically dreaming 
on the yellow and white lights 
of Manhattan upstream and 
read The New Yorker. 

One of them YELLS: 
I don’t understand why people don’t 
take the time to be kind to each other.
To praise each other - it’s so easy to do. 
We’re all gonna die!
The other bum's eyes pop big and he HOLLERS: 
You ain’t gonna find it in THAT magazine, 
throw it in the river!

The magazine drops, 
the pages fluttering free 
down to the water
back to where they started, 
back to life. 

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