Saturday, September 26, 2015

Still Life with American Work Ethic 
and Snooze Alarm 
(3 sheets on the wind)

The blue bedsheets 
drying on the line
swing loose
swing together
on a clean green breeze
they know the pine scent breezing
through their thread count 
is from real trees all around the house
and not from somebody's 

They look up at that house
up to the second floor 
to the bedroom window
they remember all that, being flat; 
but these sheets are so relaxed on the line 
- drying, floating, snapping - 
the pillow case looks over at the top sheet
then over at the fitted sheet, on the other side, 
and says, 
        " … awww, it’s so good to get outside!  WAY outside  "

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